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Welcome to Retropixed!

We are players and we love to play videogames!

We started in the world of videogames with the Atari 2600 system, from that moment on we have played almost all videogame consoles until our days. In our opinion the best way to play a game is in his original system.
When we were kids we always dreamed about play that great games like “Chrono Trigger” or “Secret of Mana 2”, games that never were officially released in Europe, that was the reason we start to make our Repro-carts when we had the opportunity, in the beginning we made the games only for ourselves but we noticed a lot of people was interested in our hobby, finally we decided to share our skills so more people could enjoy our games.

Best Reproductions since 2012

We put all our effort and care while we do a Repro, we try our best to make it perfect with a high quality standards, when we build a game for a customer we make it like if it were for ourselves, we have thousands of customers that can certificate our quality and compromise with our games.

We wish to continue long time with our hobby and keep growing beside all people that support us. Suggestions, inquiries or critiques about our work or site are welcome!


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