Super Metroid Impossible


Genre: Action Adventure
Language: English
Players: 1
Savegame: YES

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Super Metroid Impossible

This hack will bring Super Metroid (and even general video-gaming) into an absolute, never experienced before, new level of difficulty. Everybody who thinks Super Metroid is easy, will find the perfect solution with this hack. Most rooms are designed to be harder to pass, the entire route is changed to make you feel like literally going through hell, and the Bosses are so hard, that you will only get a minimal chance to win! This hack will rather crush you hopelessly down, or make you a absolute master in Super Metroid! It will require you to execute all the hardest possible moves in order to pass different rooms. Furthermore you will require much knowledge of general moves such as crouch-jump with slipping over a high platform, and of course the acting of bosses or various enemies. Although this hack is designed to be on the absolute limit between ‘Possible and Impossible’. If somebody indeed manages to beat this hack, there is still a challenge left. Try to get 100% of all items! Some secret rooms will be extremely hard to find. Those who can reach both goals, deserve without a doubt a honor for being one of the best and most creative Super Metroid players of all time!


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