Radical Dreamers


Genre: Visual Novel
Players: 1
Savegame: YES

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Radical Dreamers is a Japanese video game produced by Square in 1996 for the Satellaview add-on for the Nintendo Super Famicom. It is a text-based visual novel in which the player takes the role of Serge, a young adventurer accompanied by Kid, a teen-aged thief, and Gil, a mysterious masked magician. The game belongs to the Chrono series and is a side story, to the 1995 game Chrono Trigger. It was released to complement its predecessor’s plot, and later served as inspiration for Chrono Cross. Gameplay consists of text-based scenarios presented to the player through the narration of the main character, Serge. As the narrative progresses, the game presents a list of possible actions and the player must choose his or her course. Depending on the choices made, the player may enter a new area, be presented with a new situation or character, or have to choose again if the previous selection was incorrect.

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