Mystic Ark

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Genre: Turn based RPG
Language: English
Players: 1
Savegame: YES

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Mystic Ark is a 1995 role playing game released for the Super Famicom and developed by Produce and distributed by Enix. The games plot involves one of two characters that the player can choose, Remeer or Ferris. The character the player chooses awakens in a temple, on an unknown island. As the player explores the temple they discover that in order to make it home they must travel to different worlds that lie within the temple and find the different arks that lie within each world. When the player retrieves all the arks he or she is given access to the final area of the temple to face the final boss and finally return home. Each different world has its own specific storyline. As such, the game plays out more of an anthology of stories with the temple tying the story as a whole together.

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    Very great reproduction with a beautiful cover, i think make a new order in a few weeks

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