Dragon Quest VI USA


Genre: Turn based RPG
Language: English
Players: 1
Savegame: YES
NOTE: English translation is at 90% but the game is fully playable from the beggining to the end.

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Dragon Quset VI USA

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation is a role-playing video game developed by Heartbeat and published by Enix for the Super Famicom as a part of the Dragon Quest series. Dragon Quest VI is a traditional, turn-based role-playing video game (in an overhead perspective) which features random battles and a character class system that the Hero and his party members acquire new skills and spells. The Hero travels around the world gathering a party throughout his adventure. To progress in the story, the party must defeat specific boss monsters or trigger specific flags. In order to defeat the bosses, the player must spend time training the party by gaining experience points from battles to advance in character and class levels.


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