BS ShockMan Zero

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Genre: Action Plarformer
Language: Japanese
Players: 2
Savegame: NO

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BS ShockMan Zero

A side-scrolling action game in the series also known as Shockman. Choose from two warriors and battle through eight stages of enemies and nasty bosses. Shock Man Zero was released over the Broadcast Satellaview download service for the Super Famicom. BS ShockMan Zero features two new heroes named Raita and Azuki. The new Schbibinman must battle against the B.B. Dan Battlemizers, a force of goons lead by the obnoxious Galko and her trusted henchman, Kagemaru.

1 review for BS ShockMan Zero

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    A fast-paced, light-hearted platformer/beat-em-up that is very easy to play and much more fun in two player mode! Both characters use melee attacks and a Mega Man-style charge shot, but if Raita and Azuki charge at the same time and use their charge shots on each other, they will perform a unique special attack. This is really cool because it encourages teamwork to get through the level. The game is about an hour long, which is quite long for a beat em up. The only problem is that you get very few continues and there is no save or password system, so you simply have to practice and finish the game in one sitting. Great fun though!

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