Bare Knuckle III


Works on: Mega Drive / Genesis
Genre: Beat'em up
Language: English
Players: 2
Savegame: NO

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Bare Knuckle III

Enjoy the original japanese version of Street of Rage 3 without any censorship, Bare Knuckle III. Snatch the Police Chief an replace him with a robot? Bomb city streets to splinters? Mr. X and the Syndicate surface once again to hatch the ultimate evil plot! Blaze Fielding launches a furious counterattack with Azel, Skate and cyborg newcomer Dr. Zan!

Totally new moves, including jump kicks, power slams, spin punches and secret attacks!

Outrageous 2 Player combo attacks and Head-to-Head battles!

Four bone-busting endings, the better you get, the more you see!

Trashing digitized sound FX and incredible street tunes!


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