Frequently Asked Questions

What am I paying for exactly?

You are paying for our skills, tools, design of the label, time working on a game and materials like donor cart, wire, paint, replacement battery, paper, etc, needed to make a Repro. We DON’T CHARGE for the game ROM, you can find it on various sites on internet.

How do you make a Repro?

This is our method: dissasemble the original game, paint the cart, clean the game pcb and connection pins, replace the save battery and the original ROM for the new game, assemble again all the pieces and test the new game. We are really proud of our finished games.

Why do you paint the games?

We use second hand games to make our Repros (donor carts), most of these games are nearly twenty years old. When you make a lot of Repros it’s difficult to find clean carts, some of them have discoulored parts or slight scratches, so to get the best results we have to repaint them. The color used is a slightly darker grey, this way we maintain the SNes carts style but the games are clearly differentiable from originals avoiding confusions and other issues. We don’t paint the carts by ourselves, we send them to be painted by profesionals with a great result.

Do you make custom games or labels on demand?

Of course, if you are interested in a game not listed, translated to your language or with a custom label, whatever you need, just ask us, we will check if it’s possible.

Do your games work on modified or cloned systems?

All our games are tested in original hardware and we guarantee they work perfectly. In modified consoles or systems like Retroduo our games should work fine but could have incompatibilities with certain titles.

How do you send the games? How long does it take for them to arrive?

We are a Spain based group, we ship daily (Monday to Friday) from Spain. Our games are sent well protected to avoiding any damage, by registered mail and with full insurance. Of course we ship worldwide. After receiving the payment we will send the game as soon as possible (depending on how many orders we are processing). Once the game is sent, delivery time depend on the destination. For most European countries it takes 5 to 7 working days, to the rest of the world it takes 10 to 21 working days.

What warranty comes with your games?

We are so confident in our games that we give live guarantee. If something goes wrong with your game, for example it stops working, you cannot save your progress, a foulty label, etc; you can send it back and we will rapidly repair it and send it back to you. We will pay all the shipping cost.

I wish to place an order, how do I pay?

We accept Paypal payment and bank transfers. To purchase a product choose the game you want, click on the button “add to cart”, go to checkout and choose your payment method.